Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bags! Bags! Bags!

Okay, so my newest sewing addictions are bags! It is really supposed to be a diaper bag (so says the pattern) but with a few adjustments to size, fabric, accessories, etc, it can be your anything bag. One friend ordered the super size red with white polka dots bag for her pool tote (17"tall, 22"across, 5" deep.) I'm using the denim and bandana bag for Kate's diaper bag (11"tall, 15 1/2" across, 4" deep.) The water color stripes with lime green gingham is a gift for a friend (baby due in August-same size as the denim and bandana.) I'm working on a black and cream french toile that I will use as a Sunday bag-big enough to hold my parallel version Bible, and the pockets will be great for my candy, gum, pen, et cetera (9"tall, 12"across, 3"deep.) Even these sizes can be adjusted to your personal preference.
The bags are all fully lined (including the pockets) and come with a matching tie top closure. You choose the two fabrics, or leave it up to me! Prices starting at $15.00. Each bag is custom made so pricing really depends on your fabric choice, and what size you want your bag to be! Each bag has 4 or 6 pockets (smaller bags have 4, larger bags 6) and are totally reversible. You choose if the pockets are on the outside or the inside!

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