Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Direction

I have decided to use this blog for a different purpose. Although I will probably still showcase hand made items from time to time (when I have a camera again.) I am going to attempt blogging in it's true sense. An online archive of our daily happenings.

A few of my favorite Andrew-isms:

"I see your FEED KATE'S!" Exclaimed loudly upon seeing me naked. Guess that is what happens to a three year olds mind upon seeing me breastfeed for a year.

"Mommy, are you my conscience?" He said this at the table for lunch after we had had a pretty rough morning. I nearly peed in my pants. He loves his Nemo movie.

"Church is where my friends are." A great testimony, I pray he can still make a similar claim as he gets older.

"Jesus is baby God." Need I say more?

I know there are more. I will think of them later and post again.

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